Our Family Photo Albums

Below you will find multiple pages of digital photos we have taken over time. They are not professionally done but more so, they are just shots of the family. We hope you enjoy viewing them as much as we enjoyed taking them!!

The Girls First Day of School 2014! - August 2014

Canadian Olympians in Ottawa! - June 2014

Our Puppy Growing Up! - August 2013

The Girls First Day at School - August 2013

Konnie's Graduation from Grade 6 - June 2013

Elvis' First Dog Park Afternoon - March 2013

Notre 10ème Cabane à Sucre avec la famille & amis - March 2013

Bring our New Puppy Elvis Home - Dec 2012

The Girls First Day of School - Aug 2012

Demetrios & Pano's Birthday - Aug 2012

The Montreal Biodome with the Girls - Aug 2012

Les familles Auger & Genest chez Manon & Claude - Aug 2012

Sandra & Team Hope at the Relay for Life - June 2012

Sandra's Graduation ~ University of Ottawa - June 2012

Dad & Daughter Trip to Quebec City - March 2012

Cabane à Sucre - March 2012

Sandra's Birthday - Feb 2012

Christmas Cruise to the Caribbean - Dec 2011

Picking up the leaves - Nov 2011

First Race of the Year - Oct 2011

First day of School - Sept 2011

On a boat in the 1000 Islands - Aug 2011

Our First Camping Trip with the New TentTrailer - May 2011

Konnie at the 2011 Provincials in London - March 2011

Kat's 8th Birthday/Annual Cabane à sucre - March 2011

The Many Faces of Juliette Pelland - January 2011

Pictures from my Camera Phone (Including the ones from the Cake Boss) - Over the Holiday 2010/11

Visiting Science & Tech Museum with the Family - Oct 10 2010

First day of School - Aug 30 2010

Camping with Friends in the 1000 Islands - June 30 to July 4 2010

Konnie playing in the OSU Tournament in Ottawa - June 12-13 2010

Anna receiving the Lieutenant Governor of Quebec’s Medal - June 5 2010

The Girls First Camping Trip in Bon Echo Park - May 28-29 2010

Sandra's First ATV Trip - May 23 2010

Katerina Playing Baseball for the East Nepean Celtics - May 2010

St Lawrence Speed Skating Club Awards - April 17 2010

Spring Break with the Girls at Great Wolf Lodge - March 2010

Kat's 7th Birthday/Annual Cabane à sucre - March 2010

Championships in Newmarket - March 2010

Katerina is off to Grade 1! - August 2009

The Family Trip to Florida and Disney! - August 2009

Sonia & Ben's Betroval Party - July 22 2009

ATV Trip to Lingham Lake area - July 18 2009

ATV Trip to Ompah area - July 4 2009

Katerina playing baseball for the Marlins East-Nepean Baseball Club - June 20 2009

Sandra walking in the 2009 Weekend to End Breast Cancer - June 6 2009

Old Pictures of Two Generations of the Hatzis Family and a Picture of the Gouzopoulos Family

Katerina Lost Her First Tooth - May 3 2009

St Lawrence Speed Skating Club Awards Night - April 18 2009

Kat & Konnie's Pics of Boston with their Fisher Price Cameras - March 2009

Anna's Birthday - March 2009

La Retraite - February 20, 2009

Christmas and CN Tower Photos - December 2008

The Hatzis Family Visits Upper Canada Village - Sept 2008

Yaya leaving for Greece and our trip to Cuba - August 2008

Konnie's 7th Birthday - July 26th, 2008

Kat's Very Own Pictures (taken with her FisherPrice digital camera) - April 2008

SLSSC Awards Banquet - April 19, 2008

2008 Ontario Provincial Championship - March 1st & 2nd, 2008

Peterborough Ability Meet Feb 23rd, 2008

Val-des-Monts Invitational Dec 15th, 2007

SLSSC - A Special Day Dec 8th, 2007

La Fête à Grand-Maman Nov 17th 2007

Kingston Speed Skating Meet November 2007

Konnie's First Speed Skating Meet - Ottawa Oct 13th 2007

Staring the Black Bats number 13 - Konnie Hatzis!

Kat's Start To Her Soccer Career! (June 2007)

Kat and Dad in Ottawa (May 2007)

The Family Vacation to Niagara Falls (May 2007)

Kat's 4th Bithday!

Sandra & Julie's Trip to Washington DC

Anna's Family Birthday Party '07

Murder Mystery at the Valiquette's

Ben and Sonia Visited

Mike's Visit

The Brockville Speed Skating Club staring Konnie Hatzis

The 24th!

Jean Robert Gauthier's Xmas Play - starring 'The Sheep'

Kat & Anna - The Hair Stylists

The Daycare Christmas Party

The Cognos Kids Christmas Party

Family Skate Day at the Arena

Le Shower de Melanie

Halloween 2006

Trip to Pottbelly's

One Tooth out, many more to go!!

Kat's First Skate!! (Finally)

First Day in a New School

Demetrios' Bowling Birthday!

We went to Parc Safari in Hemmingford, PQ

Mike Bockholt's Office (Practical Joke on my Boss)

Konnie's Godfather's Birthday!

Des Bons Amis (17 août)

Konnie's Birthday Pics

La fête à notre arrière grand-père "Momo" avec la famille Auger

Some Loose Pics of People

Our Latest Family Road Trip! (Some 4300km on this one so there are many pics)

My Trip to San Antonio, Texas with Cathy

Noriko's Birthday Party with the kids

Mother's Day in Ottawa & Montreal

The Hatzis Family goes to see "Dora the Explorer" at Scotiabank Place

Kat's Birthday Party at the Cabane a Sucre

A Day at the Museum

Assorted Xmas Pictures

Arena and Santa Pics

East Coast RC Championships in New Jersey

Konnie's First Day at School

A Day at Parc Safari

Konnie's 4th Birthday!!

Visiting Dad in the Hospital

OSU's #17 Again!!

Ottawa South United's #17

Parliament Hill & picnic in Gatineau Park

Julie’s Wedding

Kat Pictures

Visit to the Experimental Farm

Anna’s Birthday Party

Visiting the Biodome