April 11 , 2010
Not as up to date as we would like - sorry!

Well I guess this page is our poor attempt to blog out what is happening in the Hatzis Family and we are doing a poor job in keeping things up to date. I guess the positive is, the photo page has tons of pictures up there to view. We do a much better job in keeping them up to date.

So winter is behind us now and it is time to take out the cleats, soccer balls and baseball bats. Konnie is playing for the Ottawa South United Rage Soccer team and Kat is playin baseball with the East Nepean Baseball League. And Mom, Dad and Drifter are going to be doing some driving around and cheering for the girls (And no, Drifter does not have a license to drive a car but will surely bark his support for his girl!)

Keep visiting the pages, pictures and drop a line to say hi!!

May 4, 2008
It has been a long Year

Skating is finally over! Both figure and speed skating. Konnie was lucky enough to have qualified for the Provincial Champoinships and both Kat and Konnie moved up in Figure skating badges!

Bring on Summer! We are just waiting for the team assignments for the seasons soccer and all the fun starts again.

In the photo pages, we will be posting a new photographer's photo's - we will premier Katerina Hatzis' Photo's! Enjoy!

June 22, 2007
Summer is Soccer Time!

Just when we thought we were done with Konnie and early Saturday morning practices, here come the Green Alligator's #8! Kat is now a member of Ottawa South United's first kick's program. Konnie, playing with her U6 team plays at night now - like a big girl!

And now we are into the summer months, with 5 birthdays in August alone, expect to see a flood of birthday cake picture coming to the web site!

I hope everyone enjoys the summer!! And remember, Speedskating is just around the corner!

March 26, 2007
Well Spring is finally here!!

And with Spring comes Kat's Birthday! And it was an excellent celebration with the whole family and many friends. Please have a look at all the pictures (including Dad and the kids feeding the horses). We have now finished up Swimming and Speedskating lessons so only Figure Skating is left. Stay tuned for pics of the big Year End Skating Show, staring both Hatzis girls this year!

December 27, 2006
Merry Christmas to All!!

It's been since the End of October I had not updates the website but we are now up to date! The highlight reel of course is all the Xmas photos, at daycare, figure skating, school and of course at home.
In the coming weeks, expect to see some shots of Kat figure skating, and Konnie speed skating (she just started last week...the Olympics are far off still...)

And we, here at Hatzis Productions, would like to wish everyone a healthy and happy NEW YEAR!!!!

October 4, 2006
The fall is upon us - I love this time of year!

We find ourselves not only in the fall but deep into our fall activities. Both Konnie and Kat (FINALLY!!!) are members of the skating club and are on the ice every week. Konnie picked up right we she stopped last year and is progressing nicely. Kat had a hic-up or two at first but she is back on track and is now doing great!! Also, just so us parents are kept real busy, we are back in the pool with the kids for swimming lessons. Both Konnie and Kat are in the same class - doing their preschool 'B' class. Regular little fish they are!
Other then that, time is turning and we are slowly gearing up for Halloween - BOO! Stay tuned for the pictures of the whole family dressed up.

September 4, 2006

Well folks, this have been busy this summer - with Konnie in soccer, the famuily traveling around, visiting Montreal to be with family and birthdays time has flown by at the speed of light. Have a look at the pictures we took...lots to see! Looking down the road, expect to see pics of Kat learning to skate and Konnie continuing her march to the 2022 Olympics!

May 8, 2006
Okay, so much for updates on a regular basis! Well, we have added some pics of the family going to see Dora the Explorer at the old Corel Center, now called Scotiabank Place. What a great show - Konnie did not stop dansing and Kat was right into it with every saying and song in the show (the girls love Dora). Even mom & dad thought it was fun. Unfortunately, no cameras inside where allowed. In fact we have not been taking many pictures recently due to...well, not really having the time to do things...but we vow to change that and start snapping again!

March 19, 2006
Wow! What a weekend! Well Saturday was skating for Konnie in the morning and Sandra and I went dancing in the afternoon. Yup, we're taking dance lessons from Arthor Murray Dance School and to be honest, even though this was for Sandra's birthday present, it's not bad. It gets us out and moving together and that's always fun. Then came Sunday and the "3rd Annual Kat's Birthday Party at the Cabane a Sucre" with the family. We reservered for 35, expected at on point 51 and had 43 show. Wheew! It was tight but - we are family! Kat got tons of presents, everyone seemed to have a good time and it was nice to see everyone. Dad was at the top of his game and was even caught with Demetrios eating "la tir sur la neige"! The 100+ pictures ar up which include pics from the whole day. 11pm now - I'm tired, good night.

March 15, 2006
Okay, I think I got most of the glitches out of the web page finally took some time to get movies working with other web browsers the IE. All should be fine and you should be able to see our future Olympic figurer skater in action (putting that together took longer then coding this whole web page). How it works for everyone browsers. If not drop me a line and I'll pull my hair out a little more and get it to work.

March 12, 2006
Our new web site is born! It has been a while since we wanted to make our home page into something more professional - well, we like this new one and we hope you like it too!

Right now we are not sure how often or what kind of info we will post up here but we hope to get this section into a semi-blog type of page with regular updates. At least our intentions are there to start with - only time will tell the truth.

Enjoy surfing the pages and if you find that something does not work for you - please drop us a line. We really appreciate it.